The gradually transforming globe always makes us walk through various kinds of emotions, some are pleasant and gives happiness and satisfaction, while some are unpleasant causing depression and anxiety. The project “The Brain Coach” was designed at a traumatic period like COVID 19 pandemic to help people to escape from the stress which is a result of past and present stressful events and uncertain future that awaits to come, and pave them a path to face the obstacles that comes on the way with courage and self-esteem. The project covered areas related to stress, depression and anxiety and successful ways to combat the experiences, and taught the participants that “Just because you are broken, you don’t have to stay broken.”

The project “The Brain Coach” that was mainly fabricated and implemented under the slogan “Just because you are broken, you don’t have to stay broken”, to help participants to recover themselves from the traumatic situations that they are forced to face during the COVID 19 pandemic. Along with that to make them aware on what is stress, depression and anxiety clearly. Moreover, everything the project stood in its motive to encourage the participants to not to give up on themselves during hard times and achieve what they wish to achieve. Also highlighting the fact how to accompany people under depression and anxiety and how important self-esteem is, in our journey in this globe to build up a successful and prosperous future for us the people around us.

The project was conducted with the hope of creating a withstanding impact in the hearts and minds of the participants to live up to their dreams and achieve them. Also to motivate the participants to create a pleasant and happy environment for them and people around them to live happily with literal satisfaction.