Goals Project

Goals are what take us forward in life, the first steps to every journey we take and also our last as well as the constant reminder to our life’s purpose. Therefore, the “Goals” project can be regarded as the stepping stone and the first project of the Rotaract Club of Kandy, where the vision and the mission are set out for the year 2020-21. The “Goals” project, under the Avenue, “Club Services” was held on the 5th of July 2020 at the Kandy Club, Kandy.

Everyone eagerly gathered around to listen to the master plan for the coming year. The session was inaugurated with a warm welcome by the President for the year 2020-21, Rtr. Samith Dissanayake. He then commenced the project by setting out his vision for the ongoing year. The entire project was carried along with a well-defined presentation describing all the future projects planned under each and every avenue. Every presented slide was followed by a discussion on all events the club has in store for the near future. Also, every member suggested and agreed to follow strict rules according to the prevailing situation when executing all future endeavors concerning the club’s activity plan. The session carried on for almost an effective two hours. Throughout the session, the importance of every project, the short and long term goals and the expected standards were discussed. Therefore, the session was immensely important for the new members, since they were able to grasp a very good knowledge about each and every aspect of the club. Soon after the presentation, the Secretary for the year 2020-21, Rtr. Shehan Dissanayake introduced the first ever virtual reporting system for the members. The virtual platform was introduced as an effective mode to submit the reports. I can proudly say that this initiation can be regarded as an important step for generations to follow. It is not only helpful to the current situation but it also makes reporting much easier to another level, where members have the opportunity to write reports wherever they are. Therefore, detailed information was given to the members on how to write reports through the new reporting system. Moreover, every member got an opportunity to try out the new reporting system at the very moment. The Secretary further explained the advantages of the virtual reporting system and opened a discussion with the members for further clarification. After discussing every aspect of the club projects, the project was successfully completed.

Within the “Goals” project, the members got a chance to educate themselves about the future plan of the club. Therefore, it helped to uplift the motivation of all the members to work on their full efficiency in the future. Every member not only gets to clarify any doubts but also gets a chance to present their project ideas to other members. As I believe, a strong foundation is a key to a successful construction. Therefore, the “Goals” project has an immense impact on all the upcoming projects.