Passion drives us to achieve our dreams and goals. We, the Kandy team strives to do our very best and to show our true colors to others. Our passion is none other than building up a wonderful world for the generations to come. But what is passion if not for a combination of sheer enthusiasm, energy, creativity and patience coupled with confidence and dedication.

A leadership development project was organized for grade 10 & 11 students of Watawala Sinhala College on 28th of May 2019, on the request of their Principal. According to the Principal of the School, the children are at a risk of addicting to drugs which mainly prevails in that area.

This project was a combination of 3 phases and done with the help of Old Boys of Sri Pada central college.

Phase 1 – Workshop on Social Etiquettes, Table Manners and Dressing sense by Mr. Gamini Mayadunne

Phase 2 – Drug Awareness session by Narcotic bureau

Phase 3 – Leadership development and team building session by RAC Kandy

The workshop conducted covered the areas of awareness on drugs, leadership development and team building, preparation of GCE Ordinary level examination and about dressing sense. The project was chaired by Rtr. Rehan. It was yet another brilliant project by RAC Kandy, a single step towards a better tomorrow and inspiring the future.