“Behind every mask there is a face, and behind that a story” ‘Chokolaate Magazine’ along with Rotaract Clubs of Achievers Lanka Business School, Colombo East, Colombo Midtown, Colombo West, IIT, Colombo West, Kelaniya and Kurunegala went beyond the veil, in a bid to address the stigma and the impact that mental health has on an individual’s everyday life and the impact that it indirectly has on those around. A social media awareness campaign with a mandate to bring to light the struggles and emotional strain that people generally experience due to factors foreseen or unforeseen and the solutions that could be taken to address the issues head-on specially during this pandemic/ lockdown situation of the country & the world. An array of speakers addressed all aspects of mental health and how to overcome the negative impacts through their own experiences. Apart from the virtual discussions Chokolaate Magazine also ran posts on the current position of Sri Lanka as a country in the Mental health platform. This provided a magnified view into the overall flaws of the system and how less priority is given to mental health in Sri Lanka. The Rotaract Club of Kandy was a mediator in getting this message far and wide across youth in Sri Lanka.