Technological enhancement created a significant impact on the everyday life of human beings. As technology improves the societies adapted to survive along with that. The platform of the new technology has positives as well as negatives. What we need to discover is to get the optimum benefits from technological advancements. Unexpected crisis teaches us to begin life in a new direction. The pandemics will show a path to reignite your passion, reinvent your talent, and recover yourself from the crisis. Whenever a challenge comes, take it as a blessing. The COVID 19 pandemic changed the behavior in the entire globe. The outbreak of COVID 19 started in Wuhan, China and now spreading all over the globe. It’s heavily impacting global physical and mental health. Managing mental health will be an extra effort for all the countries around the world. In such a case, Sri Lanka too got impacted and the entire everyday processes became digitalized. The schools, the offices, the departments, etc. meanwhile everyone got stuck on adapting the new normal. People were struggling on changing the behaviors, changing their earnings, changing their work and life balance, and mainly change in their life.

The sustainable development goal number 17 focus on strengthening the means of implementation and revitalize the global partnership for sustainable development. The keynote speaker focused on the major points mentioned above and delivered a speech including her life experience as a giant in the Information Technology education field. The project explained the benefit of technological enhancement and how to face the crisis with the talents we have and make that as an opportunity to rebuild ourselves.