[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]‘Goals’, the first project for the new term 2019-20 of the Rotaract Club of Kandy under the Avenue, “Club Services”, was held on the 7th of July 2019 at the American Corner, Kandy.

The project commenced with an introduction of the history of Rotaract by Rtr. Gajanatha Kobbekaduwa. Amazing facts on various aspects in Rotaract and the importance of objects such as the gong, flex, collar, etc. were shared among the members. This session was important to all the rotaractors, especially to the newly joined members to understand the actual purpose of Rotaract along with its customs and traditions.

Thereafter the President for the year 2019-20, Rtr.Kenneth Cottling, explained his goals for the upcoming year, emphasizing on his vision “FROM BEING TO BECOMING” (securing where we stand and taking a step ahead.)

He also provided the Board of Directors and the team with guidelines, bringing to their awareness the respective responsibilities and how effectively we would achieve the citations for the year 2019-20, after which Avenue directors also presented their projects plans for the year.

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