Community Service

Preethi Vesak🏮: Spreading Joy and Illumination

In a heartwarming display of creativity and community spirit, the Rotaract Club of Kandy, in collaboration with the Interact Club of Hillwood College Kandy, recently organized the Preethi Vesak project. This initiative aimed to brighten the lives of children at the Singithi Sewana Children’s Home by engaging them in the traditional art of Vesak lantern making. With the project successfully concluded on the 5th of May, it was a joyous
Community Service

Hearts for Paws: 🐶A Rotaract Club of Kandy Initiative for Stray Dog Welfare

The Rotaract Club of Kandy recently undertook a remarkable project called “Hearts for Paws” to create awareness about pet care, promote vaccinations, and provide essential support to stray dogs in need. This comprehensive initiative was divided into three phases: an online awareness session, a food distribution drive, and a vaccination campaign. Phase 01: Online Awareness SessionThe project commenced with an interactive and informative online awareness session conducted by Dr. Tharindi
Community Service

Generous 1.0 – From Closet to Community

Every year, countless people face the harsh realities of poverty, homelessness, and displacement. Among the many challenges they face, one basic need often overlooked is clothing.  Project Generous 1.0 was an initiative executed by the Rotaract Club of Kandy, partnering up with Child Action Lanka, that sought to transform lives through the donation of used clothes and other necessary items like stationary, toys, etc for much-needed communities around Kandy. The
Community Service

🎄Christmas Lunch ✨ 

The Rotaract Club of Kandy embraced the spirit of Christmas through its annual community service project. This year’s project aimed to bring the true meaning of Christmas to the needy, and it was carried out on the 24th of December 2022 at Daya Niwasa, a center for disabled children and elders located in Kandy. For the past nine years, the Rotaract Club of Kandy has been organizing this project with
Community Service

සෙනෙහසේ සිනහව – Spreading Dental Health, One Smile at a Time!

The Rotaract Club of Kandy took a proactive step towards improving oral health among children with our pioneering project, සෙනෙහසේ සිනහව. The initiative aimed to raise awareness about oral health and hygiene while providing dental cleanups for numerous school children. Held at the National Youth Corps Senkadagala on November 30th, 2022, this event brought together medical professionals and volunteers to make a significant impact on children’s dental well-being. The primary
Special Projects Avenue

Project Maathru 🤰

Under the Special Projects Avenue and as part of the first phase of the Together SL initiative, the Rotaract Club of Kandy organized Project Maathru. This remarkable initiative focused on raising awareness about the mental health of pregnant mothers in the village of Unambuwa. Held at the Unambuwa Medical Health Office on the 19th of November 2022, the session aimed to provide support and education to expectant mothers in the

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