Motherhood: where all love begins and ends. A social responsibility towards Maternal and Child Health. There is one relationship in this mortal life that effortlessly scores above all other known relationships on this Earth. Mother! There is no question about the fact that there is absolutely no other human being in this world who would fit into the shoes of a mother in terms of her countless love, dedication, and devotion towards her offspring. From carrying us in her womb for a good long 9 months to feeding and nurturing us and watching over our steps as we go out and take over the world, our mothers play a role of a Wonder Woman in real life every day. We came across such wonder women expecting their bundles of joy, from a rural village called Meepilimana- Mihindupura, in the outskirts of Nuwaraeliya. Despite the evolution and diffusion of healthcare services in Sri Lanka with a Maternal and Child Health (MCH) record that is the envy of South Asia, these mothers have been encountering many a hardship for almost over a year, without a properly functioning, regular, MCH clinic to fulfill their medical needs. The Maternal and Childcare clinic in Meepilipana provides services with minimum facilities to approximately 200 pregnant mothers of Jayawardhanapura, Meepilimana, Katti100, Mihindupura and Ruwaneliya on a monthly basis. However, the clinic only has space to cater around 10 mothers at one go, therefore, all others will have to stand in queues outside until their turn. Further, the clinic does not have adequate electricity facilities to run a smooth operation, and therefore this clinic was closed down and the mothers had to find alternative options to fulfill their requirements. Therefore, as a temporary remedy to the problem, the clinic was shifted to the local hospital in the Mahagastota Estate; a location that resides 2km away from this village, which makes these pregnant mothers have no option but walk by foot to reach this clinic, putting them at great risk in terms of timely obstetric care. In providing a sustainable solution, we took the initiative to address this unheard issue and made arrangements to renovate the clinic and provide necessary equipment and facilities required by the medical officer and his staff in order to keep it going. As the key focus area, we constructed a hall outside the existing building with electricity and other necessities, where the patients could sit and wait until their turn. This space shall be used for consultations as well, depending on the number of patients attend the clinic per session. In addition, we successfully reinstalled electricity and lavatory and sanitation facilities in order to resume work at the clinic at the earliest possible. Further, continuous follow-ups shall be taken place to understand whether the operations are carried out smoothly without further issues. Rotaract Clubs of Centennial United, Colombo – North, Hatton Kotagala, Nallur Heritage, and Kandy joined in collaboration with the Volunteer Club of Nuwaraeliya to venture upon this charitable deed to put an end to the misery of these mothers. ? We have a huge responsibility as a society in whole to ensure that mothers in our country are always thought of and appreciated enough, not limiting ourselves to honoring them on Mother’s Day that comes and goes once a year, but in each day that passes by, for the simple fact that we owe it to the one person who’s always got our backs, no matter what. Further, we believe that this project was an impactful regional engagement initiative that brought 5 clubs representing four regions in the country, to make the maternal care facilities of Nuwaraeliya to great heights impacting the entire community of Meepilimana in the long run.